Sunday, May 20, 2012

Black Cats were hipsters before hipsters were cool

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Here is this week's illustration, based on my own black cat  - Miika - He's a big guy who's around 13 or 14, he enjoys sitting in my lap WHENEVER POSSIBLE and is an all around pretty friendly guy.  Miika and I were talking and we would like to put the old superstition of black cats being unlucky to rest, they are very lucky and also totally hipster before hipsters were cool...

Also did you know that black animals have a hard time getting adopted from animal shelters - TOTALLY NOT COOL. We have two black dogs and one black cat and let me tell you, they blow any multi colored pet away. Anyway here's an article about it if you are interested: click here

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  1. I have 2 tuxedo cats from the local ASPCA. Remarkably intelligent, playful and just a bit nuts. A friend of mine had one live to be 22. Mine are 13 and act like teenagers.