Thursday, June 14, 2012

*WARNING* shiny objects can be distracting

This week's illustrations is for the blog that inspired this blog, Illustration Friday! I.F. is a great site where and they post a new topic each week to illustrate and then participants post their images on the site and they pick a winner. Super great way to build the illustrator community.

This week's topic was the word 'shiny' and who doesn't like shiny things? I know I do. I played around with the idea of shiny objects and the saying 'brand new and shiny' but nothing stuck until this little saying came up and I decided it was close enough to shiny to count. 

This gal is letting herself shine from the inside out, see how she's meditating really, really hard on it. Plus she is rocking some super cute curls. I have also been really getting into hand lettering all my latest illustrations and am having fun with it. I think the lettering on this piece integrates nicely with the gal. 

Thanks for stopping by!