Monday, August 13, 2012

My Sister's Cat

So my sister has one of the prettiest cats I've ever met, but with all that beauty comes a price to pay because she is also of the scariest cats I've ever met, too. Whenever I stay over she tries to claim her territory like she's a lioness in the african plains and i'm a baby gazelle trying to walk by her through the hallway. I meekly yell for my sister to come and rescue me so I can get into the bathroom because that 11 pounds of fury is no match for me.

Well anyway her beauty still mesmerizes me after all of our fights so i decided to doodle her for this week's illustration, and I added a photo of the little diva. Don't let those innocent eyes fool you here, they are the eyes of a 400 pound lion waiting to pounce on you and tear you from limb to limb.

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