Monday, August 6, 2012

Vegetarians Do It Better

I have been a vegetarian for over fourteen years now and am still surprised at the crazy comments people make to me when I tell them. 

Below is a list of my favorites comments and my passive-aggressive response I silently make in my head... 

1. But you eat chicken right?  - (No you idiot, chicken is meat)

2. But you do know that plants scream when they are pulled out of the ground?
(Seriously... where did you go to middle school science at? let me guess somewhere in Arkansas?) 

3. How do you get ANY protein? 
(Um tofu, beans, quinoa, nuts, - you can find it EVERYWHERE - especially if you know how to read) 

4. Yea but um, do you still eat animal crackers?
(I would but I hear them talking to me in small little voices, so it makes it difficult.)

5. What do you eat, like salads?*
 (What do you eat, like corn dogs?*)
*Please insert condescending voice

6. How do you participate in thanksgiving?
(well considering 90% of a thanksgiving meal is vegetarian side dishes, its really not too difficult, but what is difficult is people pointing out over and over again how they could NEVER give up turkey on thankgiving...)

and my ALL TIME FAVORITE was my mother-in-law's comment to my husband when he became vegetarian, which was:

7. "But I didn't raise you that way!?"
(like being a vegetarian is comparable to raising a son that is drug dealer, murderer or terrorist)

So in response to this here is this week's illustrations.... thanks for reading my little rant!

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  1. This post seriously made my day. The fact that you're a vegetarian is seriously one of my favorite things about you (although I have many!). I actually thought about you and this piece of artwork today as I ate my vegetarian lunch. . .Kellie and the bunnies would be proud!